Photo Gallery

2024 CPAC Washington DC

 Attended by several members of the REC

2023 Statesman Dinner 

Hosted by the Republican Party of Florida

Kellyanne Conway Book Tour 

Hosted by the Monroe County Republican Executive Committee 2023

Congressman Carlos Gimenez

Hosted by the Republican Executive Committee and by  the Southernmost Republican Club

Congressman Carlos Gimenez joined the Republican Executive Committee and the Southernmost Republican Club.  Check out the full video from the Southernmost Republican Club below! 

Congressman Matt Gaetz

Hosted by the Middle Keys Republican Club

This spectacular event was held at the Faro Blanco Hotel in Marathon, FL on June 28, 2023.  Click to read Miami Independent news article 

ARTICLE: Congressman Gaetz In Marathon Key - Miami Independent 

Ivan Raiklin J6 Private Screening 

Hosted by the Southernmost Republican Club 2023


Hosted by the Republican Executive Committee 2022


Visits the Florida Keys 2022